The gynaecological services at Dr Tom Manolitsas are provided by our experienced specialist gynaecology team.

Dr Tom offers the following gynaecological services:

General Gynaecology – providing care for women presenting with a wide range of gynaecological complaints including menstrual difficulties, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, sexual problems, hormonal disorders and menopause concerns.

Gynaecology– a sub-specialist service providing medical and surgical care for women with gynaecological cancers or pre-cancerous conditions.

Vulval Conditions – providing care for women with vulval skin conditions or pain including Lichen sclerosis, Lichen Planus, Vulvodynia and other longstanding vulval problems.

Urogynaecology– a sub-specialist service providing care for women with urinary or bowel incontinence or pelvic prolapse.

Reproductive Medicine– a sub-specialist caring for women and their partners, having difficulty falling pregnant and those with related hormonal problems.